The art is in the Details

When you are surrounded by excellence, the details make the difference.
Timing, observation and best practices are as important as passion and intuition.
Producing great wines demands just that: passion and care for details.


Doña Paula Parcel

These wines convey the ultimate expression of terroir. They are unique due to their place of origin and unrepeatable because each vintage has singular characteristics.


Doña Paula 1100

It is a blend of the best varieties that grow in our Los Indios estate, which is located in Altamira, Uco Valley, at 1,100 meters (almost 3,609 feet) above sea level.


1º Argentine Terroir Workshop

Doña Paula Winery will present the 1st Argentine Terroir Workshop. This great event has an educational aim – it seeks to train the palate according to the Argentine terroirs..


Sauvage Blanc

This is the first 100% Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine of Argentina. This variety owes its name to the French words sauvage (wild) and blanc (white).